Round, square or rectangular
Here's how to choose the perfect shape for your table

In furnishing our dining room or our kitchen, along with the classic questions about which colors and style would be the better choices, one of the most classic matter is: which table should I choose? Round, square or rectangular shape?

This is not easy and depend on many factors, our taste firstly. But not only that: the available space, the shape of the room and the furniture already here, all this determines what will be the best table.

Every shape has its pros and cons. Let's see more about it.

Round table
A round table is the table of conviviality par excellence, since every seat is of equal standing and distance with the others. It is also easier to serve people, as there are not corners.

round italian table

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As far as the visual and aesthetic impact, a round shape gives the room a certain “softness”.
If you are searching for this kind of table, we suggest you to give a look at our Nature collection round tables, decorated with flowers and fruits. They invite you to relax and good humour: these are the perfect foundation for conviviality.

Square table
This table has almost the same characteristic of a round one: every seat is equal.
This shape is perfect when the rooms has a linear and minimal style.

tavolo quadrato

You can find many hand-painted square tables in our catalogue, both classical and modern, or you can choose the perfect one for your space. And remember we can customize the dimensions.

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Rectangular table
A rectangular table can certainly seat more people. In a small room, when not used, it can be pulled near a wall, to save space in the middle of the room.
In big spaces, instead, a big rectangular table will help to fill the spare room.

tavolo rettangolare

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A rectangular table is also a great classic, perfect for every furniture style.
Our Colorado table are the perfect example of how to give personality to your room.

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