Garden tables

How to furnish your outdoor space

A garden, a terrace or a veranda are now considered part of our home, real rooms to live in every moment of the year. Here's how to re-evaluate these spaces and furnish them in the best way to make them beautiful and practicali

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How to beautify your garden

Ideas and tips for outdoor living

The garden it is certainly the most lived-in space of the house in spring and summer. To be pleasant and welcoming, it ... ➔

The ceramized lava stone

Let's discover together the various materials

 The tables we produce, commonly called "decorated ceramic tables" are actually made of slabs of natural stone of volcanic origin.  However, don't be misleaded: ... ➔

Tables resistant to frost

Tables ideal for every type of climate

Yesterday we woke up, like most of Italy, under the snow.    Naturally, our glazed lava stone tables can easily withstand these glacial temperatures.    ... ➔

Terrace furniture

Guide to the choice of the colors

Whether it's a small balcony or a large terrace, furnishing an outdoor area can be difficult, but with a few simple ideas you can create a comfortable and ... ➔

Deruta garden tables

Decorated tables Deruta

 Those lucky enough to have a garden or a terrace at home will certainly want to furnish it in the best way, without sacrificing practicality and functionality.... ➔

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To each their own outdoor table

The table is an inevitable piece of furniture in any outdoor space and it is extremely important to choose the best for our needs.  This is why Grandi Maioliche ... ➔

Think of the furniture for the garden

Original garden furniture

 We are in the middle of the winter season and paradoxically this is the best time to think about furnishing the spaces that are experienced in the summer.... ➔
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