Life collection tables

Wood and stone

Wood, volcanic lava stone and stainless steel are harmoniously combined in the "Life" collection with a contemporary and original design. For its technical and artistic realization, old wooden tree trunks are processed and handcrafted by artisans, taking into account the natural grain of the wood with specialized high precision machines. Between the two planks of wood is placed a slab of volcanic lava stone, exclusively Italian, chosen with loving care by our skilled artists who cut to follow the natural outer shape of the tree's bark.

It is decorated by hand, then glazed by firing it at over 1000C. To finish off, the legs are made of stainless steel making the table both for indoor or outdoor spaces. The wood is treated with special products to make it last in time. Each table is a unique work of art in shape, dimension, and essence, it can be similar but never exactly the same and can be personalized also to clients request, designed to combine a taste of elegance, practicality, and everlasting as in the tradition of all objects of Ficola.

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