In the Kitchen with Ficola
Style, colours and coverings

Have you always thought that Grandi Maioliche Ficola only produced tables? Wrong! Our products are ideal for decorating the whole house, in fact our peculiarity is to meet the needs of our customers to create something unique based on their needs and tastes.

Ogni stanza della casa può essere curata e resa particolare dai nostri prodotti, come? Basta un po’ di fantasia.
Each room in the house can be made special with our products. How? All you need is just a little imagination.

cucina colore

Today we want to talk about the kitchen but before discovering how we could customize it, let's try to understand what the furniture trends will be for 2022.

Sustainability is the watchword

All next year's furniture will be carried out in full respect of environmental sustainability. As we have already seen in our previous article about natural materials for furniture, we will now focus mainly on wood, bamboo, rattan but also terracotta and lava stone. The thought comes spontaneously also to linen. Tablecloths, napkins, kitchen towels, all strictly in natural materials such as linen or cotton.

The colors for the kitchen’s furniture

Per quanto riguarda i colori più trendy, nel 2022 torneranno di gran moda il nero,il grigio e le tinte metalliche come bronzo, rame e oro da accostare al bianco. Il tocco di classe saranno i colori sgargianti che potranno essere utilizzati nelle rifiniture o nei rivestimenti per dare davvero un tocco di classe.

The trendiest color in 2022 black will be gray and metallic colors such as bronze, copper and gold, to be combined with white. Bright colors will be the touch of class: they can be used for the finishes or for the coverings.

Coverings for the kitchen

The cladding in the design of a kitchen is often neglected. We immediately concentrate on the central part of the kitchen: the table and chairs, the choice of shape (linear, peninsula or with island) and their colors. In reality cladding is a fundamental part of the kitchen for two main reasons. First of all, practicality: a right coating allows us to easily clean our kitchen even after cooking for hours and it is therefore important to choose a low-porous material that can be cleaned easily.

lavandino cucina

Our coverings

Secondly, because a beautiful wall covering gives more character to your kitchen.

Perché un rivestimento Grandi Maioliche Ficola

I nostri rivestimenti in pietra lavica sono belli, personalizzabili in forma e colori ma soprattutto facili da pulire. La pietra lavica infatti non è porosa e lo sporco può essere facilmente rimosso con una spugna; inoltre le sue caratteristiche fisiche non temono il calore.

Our lava stone coverings are beautiful, customizable in shape and colors and, above all, easy to clean. Infact lava stone is not porous and dirt can be easily removed with a sponge; moreover its physical characteristics ensure that it is obviously heat-resistant.

cucina Ficola

Our coverings

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