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Grandi Maioliche Ficola offers many artisan creations in volcanic stone, terracotta and decorative ceramics: tables, tops and paneling for kitchens and bathrooms, consoles, decorative paneling for interior and exterior, pots of large dimensions, refined objects for homes, accessories, bases and wrought iron.

Project designs

Our strenght is to realize, other than the standard lines, personalized products to the clients request (private, designers, restaurants, hotels, offices).


Volcanic stone, is a material with extraordinary properties, it is extracted in blocks from a volcanic quarry. Each large slab is then cut to the shape required whether it is the standard shape (round, oval, square, rectangular), or a custom shape specified by the customer. We treat the cut stone with a glazed undercoat to provide a smooth surface for our master craftsmen to paint on. Once painted the piece is fired at 1.000 ° C in special kilns, which brings all the colors to life, and gives a finish extremely resistant to rain, ice and heat.


All of Grandi Maioliche Ficola’s creations are hand-made, designed and produced in the historic artistic town of Deruta following centuries-old ceramic traditions. The customer can choose from the many designs in the catalogue, or if preferred, can also customize the shape, size and design thus having a unique and exclusive piece of art.


Grandi Maioliche Ficola offers a personalized service that, thanks to the work being entirely made by hand, enables and transforms unique pieces like tables, terracotta pots, and any object in ceramic.
This service allows you to give life to an object that expresses, more than any other, the personality of who created it for themselves, for their business (for instance creatation of company logos) or as a gift to remember a special moment (writing the date, initials, names, dedicatation). All of which made by hand.

Special Creations

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