Design tables
Wood, lava stone and stainless steel

Without detracting nothing from the more classic style tables, the wooden design tables can be considered an essential piece of furniture for the home, especially for interiors.

Grandi Maioliche Ficola proposes a combination of wood and lava stone with the new LIFE collection.

If you buy a wooden and lava table you are focusing on natural elements, these give off their own energy and soul.
Ecological elements that last forever.

The veins of the wood blend with the energy of the lava stone creating a unique effect. To enhance the natural characteristics of the wood there are generally chosen rectangular tables that, positioned in the center of an environment, become absolute protagonists of the furnishing of a house conceived with attention to detail and design.
Each table is an artistic piece, unique in shape, color, size, characteristics of the materials, similar but never the same, and can be customized according to the client's wishes.

Discover our furnishing solutions with natural wood and lava stone.

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