Furnishing a Living Room
With Grandi Maioliche Ficola

The living room is the heart of your home: it’s the space dedicated to relax, the place where guests are received and, speaking about furniture, acts as a real business card for the whole house.
Whoever enters in your home can guess the style and personality of your home by the living room, so you’ll understand how important is the choice of the right furniture.

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In this choice it is essential to respect some basic rules, regarding the right size of the furnishings and their arrangement but it is also important following your personal taste: it’s useless to collect pieces of furniture or accessories of great value that don’t reflect your true personality just because they are beautiful. Only by furnishing your living room close to your way of being you can feel confortable with it.

Do you know you can furnish your entire living room with furnitures designed by Grandi Maioliche Ficola?

Discover all our proposal for your new Ficola living room!

What are the main elements that make a living room beautiful, cosy but also functional?

Generally we start from the sofa or, in any case, from the most comfortable seats for perfect relax. The sofa is a great classic but we can create very interesting spaces with armchairs, chaise-longue and even daybed in the same way.

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Another "must-have" is the coffee table by the sofa. If you want to give a more original touch to the living room you could replace the the coffee table with a comfortable pouf, which acts as an additional seat and as footrest at the same time, to make the sofa seat even more comfortable. To have a support surface, which is always handy to place your drinks or your books, you could choose a small side table.
Ficola tables, in their smaller versions, are perfect in both style choices, whether you prefer the classic coffee table or if you would like to opt for a comfortable tside table. Our small tables in these versions are space-efficient and can furnish any space, from the most classic to the most modern and minimal.

Now let's come to the furniture. The current trend is opting for a wall system in the living room, which is certainly the most pratical solutions especially where the available space is not really so much. But, to personalize the room, it could be useful to add a unique, distinctive piece that stands out among all, and that is useful and funcional, like the Grandi Maioliche Ficola sideboards from our Life collection, with essential lines but with a strong accent.

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