The History of Grandi Maioliche Ficola

In Deruta, since 1948, a family is protagonist of the great Italian craftsmanship.

A In Deruta, Italy’s ceramics capital, Grandi Maioliche Ficola has for decades created ceramics and volcanic stone products, exporting them all over the world. Our products are unique masterpieces, suitable for both internal and external use in places such as homes, villas, historic houses, restaurants, hotels, cafes, SPAs and any all the environment where the customer wants an elegant, stylish piece of furniture which is also incredibly durable.

All of Grandi Maioliche Ficola’s creations are hand-made, designed and produced in the historic artistic town of Deruta following centuries-old ceramic traditions. Creating something unique for our customers is essential for us: our history made us craftsmen and artists, capable of creating custom-made furniture for our customers.

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artigianato Deruta

Artisans of Ceramics for Three Generations

It was 1948 when our grandfather Antonio Ficola founded in Deruta the first company producing ceramic kilns for firing and machinery for ceramic products. Later, with the help of his sons Leno and Fausto, he took a new path of expansion of the production: strengthened by the experience in the field of ceramics, they started another branch of the company for the production of ceramics and tables made of volcanic stone, indoor and outdoor furniture. Our father Leno Ficola will then open to the international market North America, France, Germany, England, Benelux, up to Japan and Oceania.

The largest ceramic vases in the world

In the early 1990s our father built a special ceramic kiln, over 5 meters high and he made the 2 largest ceramic vases in the world. With the construction of the new factory building, Grandi Maioliche Ficola was born for the production of majolica tables and artistic ceramics. Alongside our father Leno, our mother Giuliana and uncle Fausto. Meanwhile, interest in our products was further growing from foreign countries, including non-European ones.
orcio in ceramica

Ilaria e Davide between art and craftsmanship

After university studies, we too joined the family business, trying to carry on the classic style while respecting tradition but with an eye for innovation and a more contemporary style. With us, the company exhibits for the first time at the International Furniture show Salone del Mobile in Milan, the most significant international event in the world of furniture. It is the first step on the path that brings us closer to the world of design. By participating in other international fairs, we are also starting to work with markets never faced before, such as Russia and the Arab countries.

What sets us apart today

In recent years we have begun to experiment by bringing innovations and new ideas, that are also the result of our individual artistic path. For our most contemporary lines we try to be attentive and curious, always following the most current trends. Source of inspiration for us are mainly nature and art. We believe that a product is successful when, in addition to satisfying the needs of practicality and elegance, it also manages to communicate emotions even after many years, and this is what we aim
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