Grandi Maioliche Ficola

Protagonist of the great Italian craftsmanship

In Deruta, Italy’s ceramics capital, Grandi Maioliche Ficola has for decades created ceramics and volcanic stone products exporting them all over the world.The products are suitable for both internal and external use in places such as homes, villas, historic houses, restaurants, hotels, cafes, health farms and any environment where the customer wants an elegant, stylish piece of furniture which is also incredibly durable


All of Grandi Maioliche Ficola’s creations are hand-made, designed and produced in the historic artistic town of Deruta following centuries-old ceramic traditions. The customer can choose from the many designs in the catalogue, or if preferred, can also customize the shape, size and designs thus having a unique and exclusive piece of art.


It was in 1948 that Antonio Ficola established the first company that built kilns and macchines specifically for the ceramic industry in Deruta. With the help of his two sons Leno and Fausto in the following years opened a new branch which was specically for the production. Expert in the ceramic world ,his sons opened a new branch for the production of ceramics and tables in volcanic stone and furnishings for outdoor and indoor.


In the following years Leno's wife Giuliana and his two children Ilaria and Davide Ficola, join the company. With their efforts to mix modern with classical designs has been succesful in a way to ensure the safe keep of the family name and its fame for quality and its products. It is like this that the family Ficola with the help of a fully qualified team, continue to create the dream of its founder Antonio Ficola,in a way that his work continues to express his capacity to express and comunicate.

The artisan, "hand made", is the main pricipal that still distingues the company,for nearlly seventy years since being established. In most cases the projects are made to measure,and this stems from the centuries-old wealth of knowledge and use of manufacturing and material controls, and the habit of beauty, which can only be found in Italy.

Authentic Beauty

does not fade with time
A volcanic stone product is everlasting. It does not require any maintenance, it is shock proof, scratch resistant withstands sun, rain, salt, extreme of temperatures, and any other atmospheric agent. Grandi Maioliche Ficola offers many products made of volcanic stone, terracotta or ceramics. This wide range includes tables, counter tops for kitchens and bathrooms, consoles, decorative panels for interior and exterior use, large pots, dinnerware, furniture accessories and wrought iron bases.

Glazing, painting and firing

The making of a masterpiece

Volcanic stone, a material with extraordinary properties, is extracted in blocks from a volcanic quarry. Each large slab is then cut to the shape required whether it is the standard shape (round, oval, square, rectangular), or a custom shape specified by the customer.

Like a painting on canvas, a decorated volcanic stone product needs a uniform base. We treat the cut stone with a glazed undercoat to provide a smooth surface for our master craftsmen to paint on. Once painted the piece is fired at 1.000 °C in special kilns, which brings all the colors to life, and gives a finish impervious.

A color of Renaissance

we produce unique pieces
The master craftsmen prepare and paint the colors by hand, using the same techniques that were used by the ancient Italian art workshops during the Renaissance. Thanks to the skills of the artists as they paint, each detail takes shape, light and life. No two pieces are identical, each piece is unique.
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