A Bathroom Designed by Ficola
Our lava stone coverings

For dacades Grandi Maioliche Ficola has been working in the furniture field, with the production of ceramics and decorated lava stone products, both for interiors and exteriors.

Our catalog is extremely varied and allows you to customize you spaces with valuable pieces, from houses to historic residences, from hotels to Spa.
Our majolicas and lava stone coverings can be used in both interior and exterior furnishings.

bagno firmato Ficola

Do you know you can enhance your bathroom with Grandi Maioliche Ficola products?

Our unique and original products are perfect for this environment indeed, which is too often overlooked. But if you think about, the bathroom is a space dedicated to relax: when stress is on you all day, even just the moment of a hot bath or a regenerating shower is a blessing, and even more if the space around you is accurate with attention to every detail.

bagno firmato Ficola

In our catalog you can find many pieces to furnish your bathroom, starting with our coatings and countertops, suitable for any surface. In fact you can customize the walls of your bathroom with our majolica tiles or you can choose our original tops for the washbasins. Futhermore we can create any piece of furniture such as mirrors, shelves and countertops, so that your bathroom can be a unique place, where every detail is accurate and original.

Even the furnishing accessories for the bathroom cannot be neglected and, in this regard, Grandi Maioliche Ficola is always here to help. Do you know that one of the latest trends in bathroom furniture is all “green”?
We’ve talked about how your bathroom can become your small anti-stress room, a sort of miniature Spa in your house! The element that must never missing to obtain great results in this sense is represented by plants. Well, you can also find in our catalog some beautiful vases to decorate your bathroom and make it a small green oasis in wich escaping from stress.

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