Barbecue in the Garden
Summer grill time

Whether you are in the countryside, by the sea or in the mountains.
But also, above all, for those who had to stay at home, the possibility of arranging an area of ​​the garden to spend some convivial moment with the friends and forget for a little bit the envy of those who left, is fundamental.


The right space for a barbecue in the garden

Not all gardens are large enough to create completely separate areas, but it is better to try to arrange separate spaces, so as not to full your guests (or the house) with smoke and move easily around the barbecue in the garden. So we should create an area equipped with a table for the food and a base on which to grill, and another area with a long table where you can have your meal.
quot: (| If the size of the garden is enough, it will be perfect to create a relax area, with deckchairs or armchairs to chat in comfort.)


How to choose the right grill

There are many kinds of barbecue available on sale, from outdoor masonry kitchens to the simplest and most transportable bbq. You can even find disposable ones, but if you are lucky enough to have a suitable outdoor space, our advice is to design an area that is always ready and can have more uses.
If you are a DIY lover, a simple and inexpensive solution could be to build a raised base with bricks and concrete.


What you definetly need

Together with the grill, the supports cannot be missing.
If you decide to build the bold: (| barbecue) by yourself, you can think of inserting a support surface directly into the masonry structure to prepare food directly by the fire.
On the other hand, if you opt for something lighter, just buy an easy to clean bold: (| sturdy table) to be placed next to the grill.
Then you will need to think of a large table where you can sit comfortably to enjoy a meal in company, easy to clean and sturdy too, so as not to go crazy for the grease or knocked drinks.


Grandi Maioliche Ficola offer

Our company draws on the great ancient Deruta tradition in the art of pottery to create perfect solutions for your outdoor furniture. Our ceramic or, better, bold: (| volcanic stone) tables are known all over the world for their quality and aesthetic appeal: from classic motifs, taken from the Umbrian tradition, such as the famous "Arabesco" in blue or "Raffaellesco" inspirations, to the more modern ones , with combinations of bright colors. The metal bases guarantee stability and elegance and the ceramic tops allow quick cleaning and esthetic value.
quot: (| The craftsmanship still distinguishes our production and for this reason we can offer customized creations, designing functional and long-lasting masterpieces according to your wishes. For any information contact us through the dedicated page of ​​our website, or come and visit us in our showroom and factory. We are waiting for you!)

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