Furniture Trends 2022
Colors and styles for a trendy home

If you are fond of interior design as we are, you know that this is the best time in the year to start thinking about renovating your home furnishings according to new trends, reviewing styles and colors.

Let’s discover together the must for the next year.

Trend styles 2022

Let's start with the hottest style for next year. eco-sustainability and minimalist style will certainly take over. Natural material like wood will be fundamental, with references to the Nordic style.

 Tavolo Grandi Maioliche Ficola in legno

Life Table Highlands design

If you have a nice country house, make way for rustic style; wicker, rattan and wood are the basis. The important thing is that all the elements are in harmony and spread a sense of warmth and familiarity.

detail of wood and lava stone Ficola Table

The colors of 2022

Blue, olive green and yellow ochre will be the trend

Blue is the master for some time now, it was the hottest color this past summer too for those who loves the marine-inspired themes. It is easy to match, and you can alternate it with cream for an elegant and chic style but also with gold-colored details if you want to make a real difference.

The blue seems to have been depopulated for some time now, it was also the protagonist of our summer, especially for those who love the marine theme. It is certainly the easiest color to match, you can alternate it with cream for example for an elegant and chic style but also with gold-colored details if you really want to make a difference.

salotto blu

Olive green perhaps surprises you a little but we assure you that it is perfect to combine with light wood furniture and for those who love a country chic style.
More difficult is yellow ocher. Start to use it carefully in accessories, curtains or blankets to combine it (why not) with olive green or as opposed to blue.

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