New Trends 2021
Garden Furniture 2021

In these last months of the year new trends are emerging for 2021 garden furniture.

Outdoor spaces are increasingly seen as an integral part of the living space of the home, so even outdoor furniture is more and more studied and in line with indoor furniture: the furniture, in addition to being functional and resistant for outdoor, is also elegant, rich and studied in detail. Lines, colors and combinations give life to glamorous and chic environments even in the garden.

What will be the 2021 trendy colors, materials and styles that will be proposed for the furniture and accessories dedicated to the outdoor furnishing?

2021 Gardern furniture: the materials

The latest trends in furnishing materials, both for outdoor and indoor spaces, feature natural and eco-sustainable materials. More and more attention is paid to sustainable production and ecological furnishings.
So choose wooden, wicker, rattan or natural volcanic stone furniture for your garden, terrace or balcony, veranda or patio.

Design and Style

As for the design, minimal is the rule. The style is inspired by the 60s: the furniture is characterized by simple lines and timeless colors, few decoration or frills and the shapes are extremely simple.
This simplicity and linearity must, however, be accompanied by another feature that is a must for 2021 outdoor furniture: functionality.

The colors for your garden

We said that password is: minimal. This also applies to the choice of furniture colors. which must be neutral and in cold shades.
Each scenario, however, is animated by the choice of furnishing accessories and upholstery in bold colors: colors reminiscent of precious gems, such as ruby, emerald and sapphire, also associated with darker colors such as black and brown, which will give the environment a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere.
The wild style is also very trendy, with floral patterned fabrics with intense and decisive colors, which reproduce a tropical atmosphere.

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