How to decorate the Garden
5 simple tips for making it a small dream place

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, an outdoor space to enjoy, don’t make the mistake of neglecting it.
Just like the indoor space, even a garden should be furnished and decorated with the same care.
Here are 5 simple tips to give character to an outdoor space, and to customize it.

Shabby Chic Style Garden

The shabby chic garden is full of soft and delicated colorful flowers, the same colors are also repeated in the chairs’ or sofas’ fabrics. So green lights for pastel colors, floral prints, lace and crochet.
The most suitable materials for chairs and tables are wrought iron, wicker and wood with pickled finish.
To give characther add a personal touch, such as an old wheelbarrow turned in a planter or an old bicycle.
You can also add romantic decorations: hanging light bulbs and candles.

For the table, you can’t help but love a beautiful hand-made ceramic table: it doesn’t need any maintenance and lasts over time. We suggest you our "Atmosfera" pattern painted with fruits and flowers, inspiration for Italy's artistic ceramics: from Umbria, to Tuscany and Sicily.
In particular, the fruit painted on ceramic is a Renaissance usual pattern that has his origin from Montelupo (Florence), which spread in Deruta in the nineteenth century.

tavolo ceramica deruta pietra lavica vulcanica atmosfera ficola

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Country-Style Garden

In this kind of garden you can find the typycal atmosphere of country houses, a simple environment in a luxuriant nature, rich of flowers and plants, from aromatic herbs to fruit trees and climbing roses.
And, as far as the furniture, you need really a few things: an old rustic wooden table or one of our hand painted volcanic stone table, choosen from our Nature Collection.
You can also create a small outdoor sitting area by using old wooden pallets. For the fabrics, green light to light shades and floral prints.
Iconic piece for every contry space: a swing or a rocking chair.

For your country-style garden what could be better than our “Limoni e Girasoli” pattern?

tavolo girasoli ficola

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Japanese-Style Garden

If you love Japanese style, your garden shouldn’t be without some characteristic elements: evergreen plants and water: ponds, small waterfalls or fountains, bordered by dark round stones.
Order and precision must dominate: manicured lawns and clean floorings, without dead leaves. Typical plants are: bamboo, pine tree, maple, azalea, Rhododendron, evergreen shrubs, bonsai trees, mosses and ferns.

We suggest you one of our Colorado Tables, bespoke as preferred.
These volcanic stone tables in the Colorado® collection are original and modular. As they are made of individual small slabs, you can position them in whatever sequence you like.
There’s more: Grandi Maioliche Ficola can also create custom designs on request. This modern line acquires a unique aesthetic dimension, far from ordinary. The coloredf glazes used offer an infinite choice of combinations and styles.

tavolo ficola colarado app 107

tavolo ficola colorado app 106

tavolo ficola colorado app 105

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Ethnic-Style Garden

To create a space with an ethnic mood you need simple things: canopy or gazebo in dark teak or bamboo cane, and rattan or wicker tables, chairs and sofas.
Batik fabrics and colorful rugs cannot be missing, along with figurines, ethnic masks, la,ps and incense.
Ideal plants in this kind of gardens are: hydrangeas, camelias, succulents and maple and cherry trees.
The perfect table? Our Xilo table made of wooden and glazed lavic stone.

tavolo xilo ficola

Minimal style garden

As for the interiors, even the minimal style garden must be neat and essential.
The furniture will be simple and linear, made of modern material: plastic, metal, teak.
For the plants, prefer banana trees, with his big leaves, blue fescue and succulents.
For the lighting, choose integrated spotlights with linear design, along with light vases.
The right table? Oceanside in our Contrac&Hospitality collection.

tavolo oceanside ficola

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