The decorated terracotta Deruta
Why choose a terracotta vase?

The most common alternative to the terracotta pot is the plastic pot, certainly not a proper ecological solution. But terracotta, in addition to being an ecological, natural, and traditional material, also has a great advantage: it is a porous material, allowing the excess water to evaporate through the walls, and is permeable to air.
It is also heavier than plastic, so as to give a good stability, and also offers a low thermal conductivity, allowing the terracotta pot to be an excellent insulator against cold and temperature changes.

Terracotta pots for plants (or simply ornamental) immediately give a warm atmosphere and an inimitable elegance to the garden or terrace.
By appropriately dispelling the terracotta artifact, it is possible to decorate it by hand and then re-coat it at about 1000° C, thus representing, in the end, a small work of art that is completely unique.

Colorful and easy to place, they are easily placed on the terrace, at the edges of an avenue, in the shade of a portico. And then, of course, even in the garden: the best choice.

Classic style or subjects inspired by nature? Choose the pot from Grandi Maioliche Ficola that you prefer among our many different patterns.

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