The ceramics of Deruta
Definition of ceramic products

The term "ceramics" includes the following products, obtained from the processing of clays:

• Terracotta
These material is obtained by firing common clays, and it is characterized by a porous reddish color without glaze. This category can include bricks, pots for flowers and plants - for decorative and sculptural elements (artistic terracotta);


• Majolica
Products obtained from clays that have had a careful refining treatment, coated with a white and decorated glaze (artistic majolica). The firing temperature for this products is between 900° C and 980° C;


• Pottery
Products obtained from porous clays that generally result white after firing. This category can be divided into soft pottery and hard pottery. The firts is rich in calcium carbonate, have high porosity and the firing temperature is generally between 940° C and 1050° C. The second instead, thanks to the presence of feldspars, are less porous and more resistant. In this case, the firing temperature varies from 1150° C to 1250° C;

• Grès
Product consisting of natural clays or more clays mixed together with raw materials such as silica and feldspat. Once fired (between 1,200 ° C and 1280° C) it comes in various colors based on the presence of oxides. Its main property is the acid and frost resistance. A particular type of gres is the fireclay;

• Porcelains
These products differ from all other ceramics in the particular whiteness of their body, their translucency in thin layers and their high resistance to scratches. "Hard" porcelains are made mostly of kaolin (pure porcelain) and have a crystalline appearance. "Tender" porcelains, instead, are obtained mixing kaolin, white clays, feldspar, calcium, calcium phosphate, zinc oxide; the appearance of these porcelains is translucent. The firing temperature varies from 1200° C to 1400° C;


• Refractories
These products are made of natural raw materials (kaolinic clays, sillimanite, quartzite, magnesite, chromite) and can resist to thermomechanical stresses up to a temperature of about 1500° C.)


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